As part of the Peter Knight Group, Forties People offers a range of services which are tailored to your business.


We look for long term relationships which develop over a period of time rather than quick, one off transitions.


Our business offering consists of individual services based around Human Resources Consultancy, Recruitment, Vetting and Screening Services and Payroll Services. We can provide you with our fees and terms of business, or discuss your terms of business as you wish, just email and we will contact you as soon as we receive your email or phone us on 020 7248 6932.


Each service is a specialist area in itself but when they are integrated, clients can really gain the benefit of synergy where we can provide one service and heavily discount others which provides real value for money in comparison to our competitors.


Also, because we have a greater knowledge of your company challenges, we can often provide solutions based on best practice and the learning’s from working with other clients.


In our experience, clients will use one of our services and then ask us to work in other areas and in more and more cases, our clients prefer to work with Forties People as a sole provider. However we understand the high level of trust that clients place in us and will never knowingly let anyone down, whether they are candidates or clients.


We aim for best in class services that demonstrate quality, value for money and that add value to your business.


If you decide to work with us, our aim would be for you to consider us as an extension to your business; another department where you can reply on work being delivered to the quality and to the standards that you expect from any internal department.

The recruitment agency with the mature outlook & an innovative approach!

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Forties People - The place where we appreciate mature and older workers for their experience and wisdom

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