Forties People: From jobless despair to a thriving business Jacqy Jacobs founder Forties People 1992...
Forties People was founded by Jacqy Jacobs, a worker aged 50 who had lost her job and like many older workers, couldn’t find another.
Jacqy had previously worked in a high street agency as an employee and had specialised in helping older workers but this company had not survived. Jacqy’s challenge was to succeed where her previous employer had failed. She rented a small office, invested in an Amstrad computer (this was in 1992), dug out her old data base and started recruiting.
Her first booking came from her Son, Spencer who was the sales manager of a BMW dealership. When the receptionist phoned in sick, He called her for a temp worker and was shocked when his Mother arrived to cover the booking herself as she still had no staff.
Within 18 months the business had placed over 100 people in work, and had moved into larger offices in Dowgate Hill at the Worshipful Company of Dyers. In 2001, Spencer Jacobs joined the business as Operations Manager and bought the business two years later.
Forties People became the agency for workers of a certain age, as well as a growing hub for people of all ages with the right experience. Our philosophy has always been, “It’s your skills that matter, not your age.”
As a result of Jacqy’s work, she had won the “Age Diversity” award for individual input into fighting age discrimination in 2001. The company was heavily involved in discussions leading to the Age Diversity laws that came into being in 2006 and won another award that year for being an outstanding Age Diversity company.
With the Age Diversity laws now firmly in place, Forties People can now concentrate more fully on the first part of its motto: “It’s your skills that matter.” We are known today for supplying businesses with the most sought-after experience and expertise in today’s fast-changing marketplace, including cutting-edge technology skills.
In January 2014, the company name and assets were acquired by Peter Knight Recruitment Ltd, part of the Peter Knight Group.
The business profile of Forties People fits extremely well with the appreciation and understanding of mature and experienced candidates across all functions of the other companies within the Peter Knight Group.
We will continue with the philosophy of “It’s your skills that matter” but we believe equally important is the cultural fit that a person has compared to the target organisation that adds that extra ingredient to make a person successful on a long term basis.

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