What skills do your clients look for?
The majority of our Clients are looking for experienced office staff with some degree of computer knowledge. Age is not an issue, but experience usually is - experience working in an office environment, with office skills that are usually transferable, and most jobs require some computer skills.
Refer to the Jobs Page for specific details of programmes that are required for each job.
How do I register with Forties People?
Whenever possible, please email your CV (MS Word or text format) with a covering letter.
Your CV needs to be up-to-date and be a maximum of two pages (see CV sample). Your covering letter should state any details that are relevant to your job search including the sort of post you are looking for, your minimum salary requirement or hourly rate, and if you are willing to temp or want part time work.
We will endeavour to acknowledge every CV received within 5 working days.
Where are the jobs located?
Our jobs are mostly office based within Central London.
Where do I send my CV?
You don't! Please register on our site where you can attach your CV. Please fill in the form in as much detail as possible.
How do you arrange interviews?
Before your CV can be submitted to our clients we will need you to undertake a registration interview with one of our recruitment consultants.
We regard this as a job interview and suggest you come appropriately dressed and on time. A demonstration of your typing or data inputting ability will be required using one of our programmes.

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