The business world has been a challenging place over the last couple of years and the signs are that things are likely to remain tough for some time - which will have ramifications for those in and looking for business development London roles.
While things may seem tough, the fundamentals of business have not changed much - companies still need people to fill business development jobs to generate new leads and build relationships.
This means that while the economic climate may be unfavourable, there are still business development jobs which need filling by skilled candidates.
On June 2012, the BDO Business Trends report showed a sharp deterioration in business confidence, which fell by an unprecedented 6.3 points from 103.3 in April to 97 in May. Fast forward a fortnight and the chances of finding business development London roles looks a lot more promising.
A recent survey by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and KPMG found that London companies are optimistic about the next six months, with many planning to spend more on recruitment.
If you are looking for business development jobs in the capital, now may be the time to step up your efforts.
Just over half are upbeat about the near future, with 58 per cent planning to expand in the next year.
A further 32 per cent stated that their plan is to expand in the capital, something which could lead to an increase in the number of business development roles in London.
It is not all cause for celebration however, with 57 per cent of companies worried about the impact of the new 50p rate of income tax.
They believe that firms will choose other cities to operate from, with 78 per cent claiming that the cost of doing business in the capital is one of the most off-putting aspects of establishing a base there.
So if you are looking for business development London roles, what does this mean?
The fact that companies are more optimistic regarding the future than they have been previously is welcome news, as is the point that nearly a third plan to expand their operations in the capital.
There is further good news with 31 per cent of business planning to spend more on recruitment and training along with IT infrastructure and equipment.
Another interesting point for those searching for business development London roles is the fact that 44 per cent of employers stated that they are having difficulty finding skilled staff to fill various positions, up from 38 per cent last year.
If you are keen to secure business development jobs, it appears London is the best place to be, with Richard Reid, London chairman of KPMG, saying the capital is the engine powering Britain's economic recovery.
"With over half of the capital's businesses planning to expand and increase spending in the second half of the year it is clear London will continue to be the driver of economic growth in the UK," he concluded.
There are London-based business development roles out there and a good chance that more will be created in the not-too-distant future. Companies remain upbeat in the face of significant challenges and will look to explore opportunities in emerging markets and forge relationships with valuable new clients, meaning business development roles are unlikely to disappear any time soon.

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