This month we find out more about Spencer Jacobs, MD.


“What’s the best thing about your work?”

Finding someone a job and fulfilling client needs. I get a massive buzz out of getting people into the right work.


“Can you give an example of how you’ve fulfilled client needs?”

A Financial Director was looking for an accountant. He’d already been to three or four accountancy recruitment agencies, with no luck. He asked me if I was an accountant. When I said “No”, he asked, “How are you able to interview accountants then?” I explained how we listen to the needs of both sides and find a candidate that doesn’t just suit the role but suits the company as well. He trusted us to proceed and we found him a choice of two ideal people who were both so perfect he had trouble choosing between them.


“And what’s the worst thing about your work?”

It’s frustrating when I know a candidate is perfect but the client says they don’t want to meet them because they don’t look suitable on paper. We may not get it right every time, but we do all the groundwork so I wish all clients would listen to us! That way they would get best value for their money.


“How did you get into recruitment?”

My mother Jacqy started Forties People in 1992. I was working in sales at BMW, and could see a downturn in the motor industry so decided on a change of career. I joined as Operations Manager in 2000, and bought the business when she retired in 2003.


“What changes have you seen since you started?”

Things were tough when I started and they are tough again now. There is never a constant flow of jobs and candidates; it’s always tilted one way or the other.


“So how should New Recruit readers get the best from their recruitment agency?”

Choose Forties People! Make sure your recruitment agency understands your business and the role that you’re recruiting for. I know what it’s like to be an employer. I had a fairly poor experience of recruitment agencies who would send hundreds of CVs and people who weren’t suitable. I found that most recruitment consultants didn’t know enough about the candidates, let alone the company they were recruiting for. We do it differently here. We spend time getting to know you, checking CVs and pre-interviewing candidates on your behalf. You then get a really good shortlist of quality candidates, which saves you a lot of time and hassle.


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